Kickstart your healthy lifestyle before your New Year begins!

  • Jan 28, 2023
  • By Pro Nature
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A new year means new year resolutions  or these days we like to say new year goals. Yep time to make some commitments to yourself for your bodies sake!

Starting the new year off in a healthier mindset, and living more health-conscious all year long, can be a very positive change in both your life and the life of your entire family. New Year's resolutions have long been a way to take stock of what's truly important in our lives, allowing us to pause and reflect on the year behind us, as well as plan for the year ahead. If living through a global pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we shouldn't take health & wellness for granted. In 2023, improving your body, mind and soul is a great way to organize your long-term goals for the new year. Therefore, to get you started with being healthier and more active, here are five tips for starting your year off right:

  1. Get your fitness on. If you have a fitness routine, keep it up. If your schedule is looking more full like mine is, try looking at your week coming up and jotting down in your calendar what movement you will get, and when. For instance ‘AM yoga’ or ‘PM jog’ or ‘Lunchtime barre class’. Schedule it so you don’t need to think about it and decide in the moment when you’re likely to be distracted or tired.

  2. Stop stocking your pantry with sugary sweets. The fact of the matter is, we eat more sweets this time of year. Make a conscious effort to switch to Organic Sweeteners for events and parties and cut back on what we have in the house for this month. That is balance.

  3. Get more sleep. So hard, but needs to be focused on, especially as you get busy. Even an extra 30 minutes can make a difference, so do what you can to wrap up our nights on time.

  4. Switch to Organic Food. It is not just good for you, but also Gentle for the environment. Just that little bit of attention can make all the difference. Make it a point to add something more nutritious to all your meals, may it be for your breakfast, your lunch, snack or dinner! Not only does it help you get in your important nutrients, but also will help maintain immunity during this sick season.

  5. Meal prep - even when you’re busy. A lot of people travel this time of year and with so many events there is less time for cooking and prepping. Again, have a plan, and keep it simple for yourself. See what grains, proteins, and veggies you can pair together easily with minimal prep time. Don’t forget to embrace some helpful items like Classic Gir A2 Cow Ghee & Cold-pressed Organic Oils.

We’re all busy, and it’s easy to put off that medical check-up, vision exam, or health screening. But why not pause to schedule visits to your health professional & switch to Organic & Gently Grown Food– and encourage your loved ones and friends to do the same? After all, good health is the foundation of everything we want to do in life.

Why Pro Nature?

We value our consumer's and their families health. Therefore, our organic food products retain their original taste and aroma and have no added colours or flavoursBeing a pro-women organization, our production workforce comprises women, and we support women-driven initiatives. As more consumers go organic food, more farmers turn to organic farming, thereby reducing the toxins in our lives and our environment.