Ways to include Ragi in your diet

  • Aug 28, 2023
  • By Pro Nature
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Ragi, also known as finger millet, is a nutrient-rich cereal that has gained popularity for its exceptional health benefits. What sets ragi apart is its impressive nutritional content, including high levels of dietary fiber, essential amino acids, calcium, iron, and antioxidants. This powerhouse of nutrients makes ragi a valuable addition to diets, especially for individuals seeking to enhance their overall well-being.

Incorporating ragi (finger millet) into your diet can offer various health benefits due to its rich nutritional profile. Here are six ways to include ragi in your diet:

  1. Ragi Porridge: Start your day with a nutritious ragi porridge. Mix ragi flour with water or milk and cook it to a smooth consistency. You can sweeten it with honey or fruits for added flavor.

  2. Ragi Roti or Chapati: Replace a portion of wheat flour with ragi flour when making rotis or chapatis. This boosts the fiber and nutrient content of your flatbreads.

  3. Ragi Dosa: Prepare ragi dosas by blending ragi flour with rice flour and urad dal batter. The result is a crispy, protein-packed alternative to traditional dosas.

  4. Ragi Idli: Add ragi flour to your idli batter along with rice and urad dal. The earthy flavor of ragi adds a unique twist to the traditional idli.

  5. Ragi Upma: Make a nutritious upma by sautéing ragi flour with vegetables and spices. This wholesome dish provides a balanced meal for breakfast or as a light lunch.

  6. Ragi Smoothie: Incorporate ragi into your smoothies by blending ragi flour with fruits, yogurt, and milk or plant-based milk. This is a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of ragi on the go.

Remember, ragi is versatile and can be added to various dishes, so feel free to experiment and find creative ways to include it in your meals. 

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