Why should you choose Gir A2 Cow Ghee?

  • Jan 28, 2023
  • By Pro Nature
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Ghee comprises a considerable part of Indian cooking and Indian households. It is in the majority of Indian dishes and is also one of the largest sources of fat in India. Not only does A2 cow ghee adds a delicious taste to food, but it also has health benefits. Pure and original Gir A2 Cow Ghee is healthy for the brain, with its ability to prevent disorders, improve memory, balance hormones, and regenerate damaged cells. This is because the process is what decides the nutritional content and health factor of the Ghee.

With authentic ingredients and Bilona method, Pro Nature Classic Gir A2 cow ghee to improve the health of your loved ones. For producing an A2 Ghee batch, Desi Gir milk is used to churn it using an ancient method. 

The health benefits of Gir A2 Cow Ghee to our body & mind are undisputable. Chemical free grass fed cows produces milk high in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), an antioxidant and essential fatty acid that exhibit anti-carcinogenic and other beneficial physiological effects. This resulting ghee is undisputable in taste, highly aromatic & crystalline. It contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Mono saturated and Saturated fats, Vit A, E & K. It not only boosts energy, but it also reduces inflammation due to presence of Butyric Acid. Omega 3 fatty acids reduces levels of unhealthy cholesterols and improve cardiovascular function. Pro Nature Classic A2 Cow Ghee is medicinal in nature, as we follow the texts laid down in Ayurveda. This way, you ensure not only your health and well-being, but that of your family and other loved ones as well. The A2 milk of Pro Nature yields up to 1-2 litres of milk a day as copared to 30 litres a day by Hybrid cows. This itself makes it packed with high nutrition. Pro Nature Classic Gir A2 Cow Ghee is made using the curd churning method which is simply the healthier way to prepare it in comparison to other methods. 

We make sure that you always choose the Best A2 Gir Cow Ghee for yourself & so below are some extremely wonderous Gir Cow Ghee benefits:

– Gir Ghee is full of vitamins, proteins & iron to maintain a healthy gut.

– Packed with the goodness of vitamins A, D, E & K that is good for hormones.

– Our Ghee doesn’t contain any milk solids & added impurities.

– Our Ghee can act as a substitute for your regular butter & coconut oil.

– Our Organic Cow Ghee helps reduce body inflammation & is easy to digest.

– It can boost metabolism, strengthen the immune & reduce stubborn fat.

– Our Ghee can also improve your digestion & reduce acidity.

Regular ghee may contain additives and artificial colourings, which can be harmful to the body. Also, regular ghee does not contain as many nutrients as that of Gir A2 cow ghee. It can also deteriorate health by increasing cholesterol and fats. Henceforth, it is evident that Gir A2 cow ghee is better than regular ghee. Besides, it is thicker inconsistency, and more ghee is made. Ghee is superior in flavour, healthier, and good for digestion, obtained from A2 milk. A2 cow ghee is grainy in texture and is made by heating butter on low flame for a long time.


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