Why Pro Nature?

We value our consumers and their families’ health. Our products retain their original taste and aroma and have no added colors or flavours.

Being a pro-women organization, our production work-force largely comprises women and we support women driven initiatives.


Focus on women: Since 2006, Pro Nature has positively impacted livelihoods of hundreds of rural women who actively participate in our supply chain. Supported by Women on Wings, a social impact organization, Pro Nature is committed to increase this impact every year. Further, our back-end operations are almost entirely run by women.


Focus on Organic: As more consumers go organic, increasing number of farmers turn to organic farming, thereby reducing the toxins in our life and in our environment.


The Pro Nature Way: While we aim to grow fast, our approach is always to work with our stake holders in a gentle and harmonious way. And our growth is driven by our passion and a commitment toward our values.